Volunteering with Sakyadhita Canada is an important way to give to oneself and to others and offers a way to meet and interact with other Dharma practitioners. Generosity opens the heart and enriches the life of both the giver and the receiver.

Current needs:

Please fill and submit the adjacent form to volunteer for any of the activities below, or for more information, contact info@sakyadhitacanada.org.

For the April 24, 2019 Annual General Meeting, Sakyadhita Canada is seeking volunteer board members for the following positions:

Vice President
Membership Chair
Communications Chair

See here for more info on the above director positions.

We are also currently in need of volunteers to be board members, to assist with publicity and to help organize upcoming events.

If you have any skills or talents you'd like to share with Sakyadhita Canada, please let us know!




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