'Sakyadhita' means 'Daughters of the Buddha'

Sakyadhita Canada is a registered charity dedicated to creating and nurturing an open and cohesive spiritual community - a sangha. Through this website, our bi-monthly Net Letter, Facebook page, community activities, and volunteer opportunities, we hope to help create networks through which Buddhist women can connect with one another.


16th Sakyadhita Conference on Buddhist Women
The 16th Conference took place in Blue Mountains, Australia, June 23 - 29, 2019.

The 15th Sakyadhita International Buddhist Women's Conference took place June 22-18 in Hong Kong. See here to find out more about the conference and to view photos of the event and tours.

There are many ways you can get involved with Sakyadhita Canada. We invite you to join us in developing comprehensive resources and connections to assist Buddhist women in Canada and around the world. Become a member, volunteer, donate, or take part in local, national or international events.

May all beings be peaceful and happy with joy in their hearts.

May all beings be safe and free from troubles of mind and body.

May all beings be able to protect their own happiness.

Stay up-to-date on issues of women in Buddhism, read insightful articles and share links and resources that will inform and connect Sakyadhita Canada members.

Buddhist Women Facing New Transitions
New issue of American Buddhist Women
This issue of Sakyadhita USA’s quarterly newsletter explores the transitions we go through on life’s journeys and how remembering and practicing the Dharma helps guide us through. As well, learn more about Ayya Khema and her life transitions in a partial work from Dr. Ayo Yetunde. Read the newsletter here!

New article: The Buddha Launches Literary Realism, by Professor Suwand Sugunasiri, explores how the Buddha introduces a literary realism in getting his message across,  opening the doors of creativity, resulting in a whole Buddhist literature lasting two and half millennia, across lands and oceans around the world. Read the article.