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Buddha Launches Literary Realism -
Professor Suwanda Sugunasiri

Buddhism in Canada
Bruce Matthews (Dir.) London, Routledge. 2006

Daughters of the Buddha, Inherited and Acquired, on Canadian Soil -
Professor Suwanda Sugunasiri

Education and Empowerment for the Women of Bhutan, Pema Choling Institute - Christine Arpa

Flowers on the Rock: Global and Local Buddhisms in Canada
John S. Harding and Victor Sōgen Hori, Alexander Soucy  (Eds)
McGill-Queens University Press: Montréal/Kingston. 2014

Into the Heart of Life
Book by Jesunma Tenzin Palmo - see review in Jan. 2012 Full Moon Net Letter

Mindful Moments: 52 Weeks of Mindfulness Exercises and Reflections
Bonnie Ryan-Fisher, Sumeru Press 2018

North American Buddhist Women in the International Context
Venerable Karma Lekshe Tsomo (By permission of Peter N. Gregory & Suzanne Mrozik; Women Practicing Buddhism: American Experiences)



Sakyadhita Canada: Branching Out
Mavis Fenn

Sati Journal - Women's Contributions to Buddhism, Selective Perspectives

The Question of Women in Buddhism
Bikkhu Analayo

Quitting the Dhamma: The Ways of Forsaking the Order According to the Early Vinaya
Venerable Pandita

Wild Geese: New Studies of Buddhism in Canada
Victor Hori, John Harding and Alexander Soucy (Eds),
McGill-Queens University Press: Montréal/Kingston. 2010

Women at the Forefront
Jayanta interviews Ayya Medhanandi